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The scandal in Chile due to a false accusation by the Minister of the Interior about the expulsion of Venezuelan migrants

The Minister of the Interior of Chile, Izkia Sichesapologized early this Thursday after stating that a plane with Venezuelan migrants expelled during the previous government had returned to the country with the same passengers, an accusation that generated a great political stir.

In an appearance before the Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday, Siches He launched the accusation for which hours later he apologized on his Twitter account.

“We identified that one of the expulsion planes that were made, for example to Venezuelareturned with the same people and that was something that we had no idea (…) with all the passengers expelled “, said the also chief of staff in her accusation in Congress.

“If we did that, it would be the cover of (the evening paper) La Segunda on the same day it happened. So my congratulations to the previous government, because it had the capacity to cover this with earth; I don’t know how, but this is something very serious.” the minister continued.

His words caused discomfort in the authorities of the conservative government Sebastian Pinera (2018-2022)which launched a policy of massive expulsions of migrants in an irregular situation, mostly Venezuelans, who entered Chile through unauthorized steps.

Between January and August of last year, Chile deported 547 people, while in 2020 1,365 migrants were expelled, in a policy for which the UN expressed concern. On some flights, those expelled were publicly shown boarding the plane wearing white overalls and escorted by civil police personnel.

“Today in the security commission of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies I issued incorrect information. For this, in a republican spirit, I apologize most sincerely. to Rodrigo Delgado and his team,” he wrote. Sichesat dawn, alluding to his predecessor in office, who hours earlier had “absolutely” rejected the minister’s statements and requested that “the specific background of his complaint be made transparent.”

Siches, a 36-year-old doctor, is not politically active, although she does have a recognized union career, both at the university and at the Medical College, of which she was its first president. She was also a key player in the second-round presidential campaign that gave victory to leftist Gabriel Boric.

Legislators from the opposition right said that they are studying to present a constitutional accusation against Minister Siches, which suspended its official activities this Thursday.

Source: Elcomercio

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