WorldBolsonaro responds to Lula and affirms: "In Brazil we...

Bolsonaro responds to Lula and affirms: “In Brazil we are against abortion”


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President Brazilian, Jair Bolsonarowho aspires to renew his mandate in October, met the former president this Friday Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvafavorite for the elections, and stated: “In Brazil We are against abortion.

The leader of the far right thus reacted to a statement that Lula did this week, when he argued that the abortion should be treated as “a matter of public health, so that everyone has the right”, instead of being allowed, as is the case today, only in cases of risk to the mother, rape or fetuses with anencephaly.

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Sight: Six months before the elections, Lula and Bolsonaro polarize and “nini” confuse

Bolsonaro praised this Friday the values ​​”conservatives” which, according to him, is defended by the vast majority of Brazilians and which, he stressed, is embodied by the current Executive.

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“This is a Christian government that defends the family, respects the Armed Forces and the people,” declared before hundreds of people during the inauguration of works at the Passo Fundo airport, in the interior of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

In a clear electoral tone, he also minimized the polls that attribute a clear favoritism to the progressive Lula, who has an intention to vote greater than 40% compared to 30% of the support that Bolsonaro adds.

“Whoever believes in polls, also believes in Santa Claus”, said the leader of the extreme right, who again valued the policies of his Government that have facilitated civilians’ access to weapons, in order to facilitate the “self defense” against crime.

“We facilitate the purchase and in the last three years the sale of weapons has doubled” in the country, said Bolsonaro, who assured that with this he did nothing more than make “cravings” of the society.

“An armed people will never be enslaved”reiterated the president, captain of the Army Reserve, who was convinced that, with these weapons, the Brazilians “they will be able to react to any dictator of the day who wants to steal their freedom” to the country.

“That is a reservation. The greatest Army we have is the Brazilian people”he declared.

In his speech, he also reiterated his attacks on Grupo Globo, the country’s largest media conglomerate, which, like much of the press, is the target of government attacks almost daily.

“That crap from Globo is useless”, Bolsonaro affirmed, and pointed out that this group “can’t even compare” to the “trash”, well this “it is recyclable”.

Source: Elcomercio

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