WorldChina announces another eight deaths from coronavirus in Shanghai

China announces another eight deaths from coronavirus in Shanghai


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The National Health Commission of China announced on Thursday the death of coronavirus of eight people in the eastern metropolis of Shanghaibringing the total death toll since the epidemic began in China to 4,663.


The city, which on Monday recorded its first deaths from covid-19adds a total of 25 deaths since the confinement began more than a month ago as a result of a sharp increase in cases.

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China is going through a wave of outbreaks attributed to the omicron variant that is causing record numbers of infections not seen since the start of the pandemic in the first half of 2020.

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Thus, the Commission today reported 2,841 new positive cases of the coronavirus detected the day before -for the 2,761 the day before-, 2,830 of them due to local contagion and the rest, imported.

The localities with the highest number of community transmission cases were Shanghai (east, 2,634), Jilin (northeast, 95), Heilongjiang (northeast, 42), Jiangxi (southeast, 14), Jiangsu (east, 8), and Guangzhou (south, 8). ).

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Health authorities also reported today the detection of 16,617 asymptomatic cases, 16,552 of them local (the majority in Shanghai), although Beijing does not count them as confirmed cases unless they show symptoms.

The remaining infections, found among travelers from abroad, were detected in various regions of the country.

The National Health Commission also detailed that, until last local midnight (4:00 p.m. GMT on Wednesday), 2,183 patients were discharged after successfully overcoming covid.

The total number of active infected in mainland China amounts to 31,421, 223 of them in serious condition.

According to the institution’s accounts, since the start of the pandemic, 193,953 people have been infected in the country and 4,663 have died.

To date, medical follow-up has been carried out on more than three million close contacts with those infected, of which 425,756 are still under observation.


Source: Elcomercio

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