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Guaidó says that the lifting of sanctions depends on the presidential election

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido reiterated this Saturday that the lifting of the sanctions imposed on Venezuela it is conditional on the possibility of achieving “a comprehensive agreement” that guarantees the holding of a “free and fair” presidential election.

“If the dictatorship wants to lift sanctions, they are responsible, simple, (allow) a comprehensive agreement that leads us to what we all want, a free and fair presidential election in Venezuela, a presidential and parliamentary election that they owe us to the Venezuelans, who stole her, who kidnapped her.” Guaidó said during an act in a sector in western Caracas.

He stressed that “the person responsible for the sanctions is Nicolás Maduro for being a thief. Those responsible are those who looted the nation, those who violated human rights, the criminals who are being investigated by the International Criminal Court.”

In addition, the leader referred to the need to organize and strengthen the Venezuelan opposition in the face of a presidential election, elections that are scheduled in the Caribbean country for the year 2024, when the term of Nicolás Maduro expires.

“We have to strengthen unity. How? Through a measurement, some call them primaries, leadership legitimation. Unity must be strengthened through the exercise of the majority and it is the Venezuelans who must then determine the future of our country and we must prepare now for this process, immediately, ”he said.

He insisted that it is not about “a contest of egos”, but about a process for “strengthening” with which all sectors of Venezuela are included.

“There can be no doubt about unity,” Guaidó said, noting that the “rescue of democracy” should be the project that unifies the anti-Chavistas.

In January, the opposition leader assured that the progress in the dialogue process that was installed in August 2021 in Mexico between the Government and the opposition and that was paralyzed in October depends on the “progressive” lifting of the sanctions that weigh on Venezuela.

“We ratify our position and that of our international allies to return, as soon as possible, to the process in Mexico to achieve a comprehensive agreement. The progressive lifting of sanctions is and remains subject to complying with the points of the agreement. We are ready to achieve it,” Guaidó said then in a message posted on his Twitter account.

Source: Elcomercio

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