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Sentenced to seven years in prison for pretending to be a nurse for thirty years

Dozens of false identities and thirty years pretending to be a nurse in Canada as in the United States… Unmasked and arrested last August, a 50-year-old Quebecer was sentenced this Friday to seven years in prison.

Brigitte Cleroux, who is blacklisted by the College of Nurses of Ontario, is also known by many other names. On several occasions over the past thirty years, she has managed to disappear just before being unmasked.

She intervened during intro fertilization

The 50-year-old pleaded guilty in January to seven counts, including impersonation and assault with a weapon, for administering drugs and injections to 20 patients at a fertility clinic and a dental clinic.

Ontario Court Judge Robert Wadden, quoted by the English-language public broadcaster CBC, felt that this undermined “the confidence that our society places in our health care system”. Several victims – women who had undergone in vitro fertilization or young parents – explained their trauma after discovering that they had been treated by a fake nurse.

A court-ordered psychiatric report revealed that Brigitte Cleroux suffered from numerous personality disorders. The latter admitted the facts but presents herself as a victim, according to the court.

Source: 20minutes

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