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Debanhi Escobar: videos of his entry to the motel will be public when the investigation is concluded

The parents of Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldua They already have an external expert opinion in order to compare their results with those produced by the official autopsy of the Forensic Medical Service on the causes of death of the 18-year-old girl, found dead Thursday afternoon in a tank with the upper edge at ground level, which is located about 12-14 meters to the north of the Nueva Castilla motel entrance.

Also, he stated Mario Escobar, father of the young UANL law student, if necessary to clarify the facts and reach the truth, he agrees that an exhumation of his daughter’s remains be carried out, which rest in the pantheon of the Laguna de Labradores ejido, in the municipality of Galena.

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In an interview after a tribute that students from the Faculty of Law paid to his daughter, Mario Escobar commented that in a video he showed him and his wife, Dolores Bazadúa, on Sunday night, the State Attorney General, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero, and his team, in the presence of the governor Samuel Garciaobserved that their daughter actually entered the Nueva Castilla motel.

Although initially it had been commented that in the Nueva Castilla motel there were monitoring cameras that did not record video, Mr. Escobar said, “we were shown a video, obviously (Debanhi) enters the building (of the motel); but until then, he is seen twice, without seeing more details of what happened later. It’s all I can say because it’s all you see and I can’t lie, “he pointed out.

Unfortunately, he said, it took many days for these video recordings to be released to them (two days after locating Debanhi’s body), and now it is necessary to establish why it took so many days, what happened, what was the negligence.

Remember that this is already under investigation as femicideand it must be carried out with a gender perspective, when the Specialized Prosecutor for Femicides and Crimes against Women, Adolescents and Girls took up the case, Mario Escobar said, adding that the family is now supporting itself with the National Human Rights Commission. Humans, “we already contacted them today” and also at the same time the State Commission is intervening in the matter.

He stated that they asked the attorney general Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero, “that responsibilities be determined and the full weight of the law be applied, if there was negligence on the part of the Special Prosecutor for Disappearances, “that whoever has to fall falls, we are not interested We want this to be clarified, to tell the truth.”

Regarding the promise made to them in the meeting with the prosecutor and where the governor was, that the videos where Debanhi enters the motel would be released, he said that it will be until the investigation is concluded, regardless of the result, “For my own reasons, out of respect, due to due process.”

Debanhi’s father admitted that he was mistaken because of the confusion that was generated in the sense that the intervention of the call International Commission on Human Rights he was referring to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

“I was wrong, I thank them for somehow approaching, unfortunately at a vulnerable moment in which we were due to mourning, I attended them as I have always attended you, I did not check. Well, they do their job, but we will have a little support at the world level with the CNDH.

Likewise, he pointed out that at the time he indicated that he did not trust the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Disappearances, not referring to the authorities in general; Well, “I have always had the support of Samuel (García), you have seen the deployment of units”, but if the person in charge (Rodolfo Salinas) did not know how to command that deployment, that other thing, then responsibilities will be defined, ”he insisted. .

The police elements were there, if he delegates and does things, maybe right now we would be talking about another situation, he said.

He also commented that now that the investigation is moving to the Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Femicidesthe young women who accompanied Debanhi are going to investigate again, because now everything is being analyzed again, the five volumes of the folder and nothing is discarded, at the time they must make some complementary statements, including the driver who abandoned her in the highway.

Regarding the second expert opinion to clarify the causes of Debanhi’s death, he asserted “I already have it, I requested it, having it at hand we will analyze it together with Human Rights and the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office” to see if there are differences with the study official. He added that before taking Debanhi’s body to Galeana, the expertise was carried out by a person they hired and who is dedicated to that, because he is an accredited expert. Even if a new study is necessary, an exhumation of the body could be carried out, he noted.

Source: Elcomercio

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