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Russian TV broadcasts the simulation of a nuclear attack on Europe: “it would create a radioactive desert” | VIDEO

the television of Russia released a simulation of a nuclear attack on Europe that would cause the elimination of Ireland and the United Kingdom, something that has sparked great indignation.

The video was presented on Sunday on Channel One’s 60 minutes program. It showed a map of Europe being bombarded by nuclear missilesaccording to media such as Newsweek, The Washington Post and the British Daily Mail.

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The simulation showed that the missiles, sent from Kaliningrad, reached Berlin in 106 seconds and Paris and London in 200.

the presenter, Dmitry Kiselyovassured that a nuclear attack of that magnitude would cause “extreme doses of radiation. Having passed over the British Isles, it will turn what is left of them into a radioactive wasteland.”. Although it did not mention Ireland by name, the simulation showed its destruction, as well as that of the United Kingdom.

“The island is so small that a single Sarmat missile is enough to sink it once and for all”assured Aleksey Zhuravlyov, president of the nationalist Rodina party, one of the talk show hosts.

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Another option is to submerge the UK in the deep sea using Russia’s Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle.Kiselyov said.

According to him, “The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo off the British coast will cause a gigantic tsunami up to 500 meters high.”

The simulation, which lasts 45 seconds, has been viewed around 2 million times.

Micheál Martin, Ireland’s prime minister, described the simulation as a “very sinister intimidation-type tactic”, which “reflects a worrying mentality and is not in touch with reality”. The official demanded an apology from “whoever instigated this.”

Neale Richmond, a lawmaker from the ruling Fine Gael party, called for the expulsion of Russia’s ambassador to Ireland, Yury Filatov. “With Russian state media broadcasting blatant threats against Ireland backed by an ongoing disinformation campaign, it is clear that we must expel Russia’s ambassador from Ireland,” she noted.

Billy Kelleher, MEP, tweeted that “It’s time to tell the Russian government that this wild language is unacceptable to us.”

Source: Elcomercio

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