WorldBrazilian suspected of fraud after winning two scratch cards

Brazilian suspected of fraud after winning two scratch cards


A Loto grid. Drawing. – RAPHAEL BLOCH / SIPA

After winning a million and then two million euros in the game “Scratch and win” in Italy, on February 4 and 24, a Brazilian is in the crosshairs of justice. Suspicions of fraud weigh on this double stroke of luck which proves, statistically, almost impossible, reports the Corriere della Serra.

The authorities do not seem entirely convinced by this “fluke” story. Behind these gains would hide “a fraudulent leak of information by certain employees of Lottomatica, the concessionaire of the state lottery”, declared the justice. According to the first elements of the investigation, this man residing in Italy could have received “secret information on the tobacco shops where the winning tickets would be sent”.

Bank transfers intrigue the authorities

Authorities were initially puzzled by bank transfers made after the winner pocketed their winnings. A first transaction of 800,000 euros to Brazil and a second of 80,000 euros to the account of a named NR In doubt, the courts urgently sequestered the money still in the possession of the Brazilian.

But investigators were also told the winner reportedly told his banker that a third win was about to hit his bank account. The case is still ongoing.



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