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A man died of a heart attack while burying the body of his girlfriend, who he had just killed, in a well

A story that some people already call poetic justice. A 60-year-old man strangled a woman and tried to bury her in the backyard of her home in South Carolina, USAbut had a “cardiac event” in the process and died, according to a news release from local Edgefield County police.

According to information released by local authorities and collected by the US media CNNThe man, identified as Joseph McKinnon, He died while trying to dispose of his girlfriend’s body, whom he strangled to death.

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The agents of Edgefield They responded to a 911 call after someone reported a man lying unconscious in his home. Upon arrival at the house, located in the town of Trenton, last Saturday morning, the agents identified the deceased man, who showed no signs of fatal injuries. “Natural causes were suspected”Police sources warned in a statement.

When the agents preceded to notify the relatives of McKinnon they found the body of a woman in a freshly dug well. Edgefield Police identified the remains as Patricia Dent, 65 years old, who also lived in the house.

An investigation led the agents to the hypothesis that McKinnon attacked Dent inside his home, according to the statement. In this sense, police authorities pointed out that -subsequently- McKinnon tied her up and wrapped her in garbage bags before putting her in the pit dug in the yard..

Thus, according to the reconstruction of the police, while McKinnon covered the hole where he had buried his partner, the man had a cardiac event that caused his death.

County Coroner’s Office Edgefield ruled that McKinnon’s cause of death was natural causes. For your partDent’s death was due to strangulation.

Trenton is a small town of only 266 inhabitants which is located about 40 kilometers northeast of the city of Augusta, Georgia.

Source: Elcomercio

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