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The WHO believes that monkeypox circulated for some time without being detected

The sudden appearance of simultaneous cases of monkey pox in countries where this disease is not endemic, it indicates that it is likely that there were infections that went undetected for some time, as well as situations that amplified its spread, the World Health Organization (WHO) said today.

In these circumstances “a single case of monkeypox in a non-endemic country is considered an outbreak,” stressed the health entity, which continues to find no relationship between reported cases and travel to areas where the disease is present, which is unusual.

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The cases have been reported mainly among men who have sex with men, he confirmed.

For this reason, he recommended that countries provide accurate information to those who may have been most exposed and that measures be taken to stop the spread in risk groups.

The WHO also stressed the importance of adequately protecting frontline health workers.

Until last day 26, the organization was notified of 257 laboratory-confirmed cases and 120 suspected cases, but no deaths have been reported.

Source: Elcomercio

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