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Elections in Colombia: Rodolfo Hernández celebrates the “citizen will” that puts him in the second round

The independent populist Rodolfo Hernandezsecond most voted in the first round of the presidential elections this Sunday in Colombiacelebrated excitedly “firm citizen will” that assured him passage to the ballot, where he is sure he will win for “concrete the change that began today”.

“A country wins that does not want to continue even one more day with the same ones that have led to the painful situation” where you are today ColombiaHernández said in a statement read from the kitchen of his home in Bucaramanga, the city of which he was mayor between 2016 and 2019.

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The Colombians “they went out to vote for the country to take a new course; with the vote that my government proposal obtained, today a nation of work wins, the nation of honesty”, demonstrating a willingness to “end corruption as a system of government“, said Hernandezan engineer and construction entrepreneur.

Hernandez He came in second place, after the leftist Gustavo Petro, and with 99.62% of the pre-count he obtained 5,948,162 votes, which represents 28.18% for the candidate of the League of Anti-Corruption Governors.

This result ensures him a place in the ballot to be held on June 19, when he will compete with Petro, who received 8,512,519 votes (40.33%).


“Today the country lost to politicking, to corruption, they lost the sheaves that believed they would be the Government forever, today they won citizenship, today they won Colombia”, he celebrated Hernandez.

“I want to tell those who voted for me that I will not fail them, my commitment is and will always be to Colombia a country with opportunities (…) Thank you Colombians, together with you we are going to win in the second round and thus be able to complete the path that we have started today”celebrated the independent candidate.

Despite being sure of his victory, he accepted that it is “aware of the difficulties that will come when he assumes the Presidency”, and of “the need to unite the country on the path of change that has become evident today”, but it’s also “aware” that it will be the Colombian people who will accompany him “in the defense of the decisions that I will have to make”.

“We are entering the second half and these next few days will be decisive in determining the future of the country,” he predicted, while indicating that he is not “naive” in the face of “the resistance that there will be,” especially by “some of those who have felt owners of the country”.

Although in recent weeks the speeches of fraud and possible irregularities in the electoral process have been fueled, Hernandez he had repeated that he trusted the electoral control entities and in his statement he thanked the Registrar’s Office and the national registrar, Alexander Vega, for the speed in disseminating the results.

“It will be the people who will build victory in the second round”, he concluded Hernandezto finish by assuring that its objective is to make Colombia “a country of opportunities”.

Source: Elcomercio

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