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Nevada-Tan, the genius girl who slaughtered her friend and who is worshiped

In 2004, a story filled most of the media japanese and the world when an 11-year-old minor murdered her best friend in an extremely violent manner.

Is about Natsumi Tsuji, who in June 2004 decided to finalize a plan that had apparently been in the works for a monthwhen her best friend, Satomi Mitarai, wrote to her in her blog comments that she was “fat” and “pretentious”.

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Natsumi He took advantage of the lunch hour of June 1 to call Satomi to a room alone and far away with the excuse that he was going to teach her a new game. He first told her to close her eyes and then told her what was to come: “You’re going to die.”

The young woman proceeded to cut her partner’s throat with a scalpel to later do the same on her two wrists. Then, he calmly walked out of the classroom with his clothes covered in blood.

Who was Natsumi Tsuji?

He was born on November 21, 1992 in Sasebo, Japan. From what her parents, classmates and teachers say, she was a highly diligent and intelligent student, with an average well above that of her other classmates.

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Nevertheless, his passion really was in anime, urban legends and gore moviesin which the films are extremely violent and bloody.

Apparently, ‘Battle Royal’, a film that tells the story of several students who are abandoned on an island and have to kill each other to survive, was one of his favorite movies.

In fact, his fondness for this type of content was such that he created a blog in which he talked about the movies he watched and shared horror stories and quite violent videos and images. It was precisely that means by which Satomi made the comments about her that bothered her so much, since apparently she never apologized to her.

Perhaps due to her obsession with this type of violent content, Natsumi began to transfer these stories to her real life and, according to what her parents told local media at the time of the event, she began to behave aggressively with her classmates and even with members of his family and also to shut himself up more in his room to continue watching films of this type.


Apparently, when Natsumi came down the stairs, covered in her partner’s blood, some of the young people who saw her took photos of her in which they could see that she was wearing a jacket with the word ‘Nevada’ written in the middle.

Of the alleged photographs there are only replicas, since the Japanese government prohibited their reproduction on the web, since it was a minor who had committed a very serious crime.

Also, at the beginning her name was not even known, because it is also a government ban, so the media called her “The Girl A”.

Later, when the interest in the case was still latent, the girl was baptized by the media as ‘Nevada’, because of what she was wearing, and ‘Tan’, which means little: ‘Nevada-Tan’.

This until a presenter missed the real name of the minor and the reaction was almost immediate. The identity of ‘Nevada-Tan’ was thus revealed to the vast majority of people.

Cult of ‘Nevada-Tan’

It took time for Japanese society and the world to stop talking about the event. However, what was experienced on social networks was something completely different, as a type of adoration for Natsumi grew.

Apparent fans began to fill social networks with anime, illustrations and even cosplays of the minor, who she became an idol for some people who followed her on her blog or were just fans of horror stories like hers.

Furthermore, this phenomenon did not only occur in Japan. According to what is reported by the media ‘El Clarín’, at the University of Nevada, in the United States, the bag that Natsumi was carrying became the best seller for a long time after the murder.

Even the minor’s influence reached music. Some rock and metal bands, like Fecal Matter discorporated or Panik, dedicated albums to ‘Nevada-Tan’.

What happened to Nevada-Tan?

months after the murder, the minor was sentenced by a family court to nine years in a reformatorywhere he also had to attend daily therapy with child psychologists and psychiatrists.

However, four years later, in 2008, she was allowed house arrest because, apparently, and according to reports from the authorities, a change in the young woman’s behavior could already be observed.

After serving her sentence, she was released in 2013 and the only thing that is known about her since then is that she left Japan with her family.

Source: Elcomercio

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