WorldInternational Sex Worker's Day: why is it commemorated every...

International Sex Worker’s Day: why is it commemorated every June 2?


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As every year, every June 2, the international day of the sex worker is celebrated. The date seeks to raise awareness about the violence suffered by people who are dedicated to “one of the oldest jobs in the world.”

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This phrase is, perhaps, one of the most heard when someone refers to the women and men who practice prostitution; however, there is still much to learn from it and recognize it as a job in which they demand respect and fight for their rights.

The choice of this date as a day of celebration dates back to 1975, when more than 100 prostitutes stationed themselves in the church of Saint-Nizier in Lyon (France) with the aim of protesting against the government pressure exerted on them and the violence police of which they were victims.

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After the murder of two sex workers and the lack of response from the authorities, the prostitutes decided to organize and declare a strike that lasted a total of 8 days and ended with a police raid.

Since then, in the calendar of commemorations, the International Day of the Sex Worker has been established every June 2. In 1976 was the first year in which this date was remembered.

In Argentina, the same women organized themselves to fight for the recognition of the rights of prostitutes. In the union and camaraderie they found an engine to fight, after more than a decade of suffering harassment and violence, details La Nación.

This is how in 1994 the Association of Meretrices Women of Argentina (AMMAR) was born.

Only a year after this NGO was created, the sex workers managed to join the Central de Trabajadores Argentinos, which allowed them to overcome one of their first conflicts: self-marginalization.

In Mexico60% of prostitutes have suffered some type of violence or discrimination and 90% did not report it out of fear, according to data from COPRED (Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination of CDMX).

This North American country managed to form several civil organizations that have managed to claim the rights of sex workers, also known as PERTS (Persons who Exercise Sex Work), Union Guanajuato details.

Sex Work Movement of Mexico (MOTRASEX), MoKexteya AC, National Trans Political Agenda of Mexico, Association for Support of Servants AC (Aproase), the Mexican Association of Sex Workers (AMETS), among others, serve as support.

In Ecuadorthe Secretary of Social Inclusion of the Municipality in Quito, Fernando Sánchez, recently held workshops between authorities and sex workers to negotiate the places where they can and cannot practice their trade, as they are considered tourist and peace zones, according to Extra.

Given this, David González, president of the Latin American Platform of People who Exercise Sex (Plaperts), indicated that more inclusive authorities are needed that see sex work as an integral problem, so that no one turns out to be violated or discriminated against. He stressed that their labor rights must be respected, because “these women must have a decent retirement.”

Source: Elcomercio

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