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Georgia asks the EU to grant it the “deserved” status of a candidate country

Prime Minister of GeorgiaIrakli Garibashvili, called this Saturday the leaders of the European Union (EU) to grant the country the “deserved” status of a candidate state at the next summit on June 23 and 24.

“We are a proud people, we are one of the oldest world civilizations with an ancient culture. We do not demand anything that we do not deserve, we demand a fair attitude towards us and respect, ”he declared to the local press.

The head of the Georgian Government affirmed that his country “does not beg for anything and does not beg” to be granted this “deserved” status.

“If the decision is unfair, this will be offensive,” he warned.

Garibashvili stressed that he remains optimistic “that Europe will make a wise decision that responds to the interests of Europe and Georgia and not Russia.”

According to the prime minister, Georgia surpasses both Ukraine and Moldova in all parameters of EU integration.

“The association and free trade agreement signed by us with the EU in 2014 has been fulfilled by Georgia in 45%”, he added, describing the resolution approved by the European Parliament last Thursday as “irresponsible and offensive”.

The leaders of the seven political groups of the European Parliament agreed this Thursday to ask the heads of state and government of the European Union to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate country to enter the community bloc at their summit in two weeks. and to Moldova.

Garibashvili stated that “this outraged the people of Georgia, 80% of whom approve of integration with Europe.”

The day before, the deputy speaker of the Georgian Parliament, Archil Talakvadze, a member of the ruling Georgian Dream party, also attacked the European Parliament resolution.

“Georgia objectively deserves to receive candidate country status by all parameters,” Talakvadze told reporters.

Source: Elcomercio

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