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Murderous grandfather: mom explains why her dad shot her son to death

in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, there is commotion due to the crime that was perpetrated there recently. A retired soldier shot his grandson five times and killed him in front of the house they lived in. The mother of the deceased has expressed that her father had been violent and persecutory against her son for a long time.

“My son’s relationship with my father was only to humiliate him and verbally assault him”described Mariel Verna, the mother of the murdered young man.

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Brian Alexis Battle Verna29, died last Monday, June 13 at the hands of his grandfather Domingo Faustino Verna, 77, who is a retired senior non-commissioned officer from the army.

The fact was recorded in the security cameras of the home of the murderer and his wife. Mariel Verna highlights her father’s military career, since he assured, according to the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nación’, that he demanded soldierly behavior from his son both outside and inside the house.

relationship with grandfather

Brian Alexis had a couple of personality disorders that he had to treat with medication, but his maternal grandparents did not believe that the treatment was necessary, so they took him to interrupt the therapeutic process.

Mariel Verna described her father as a violent man, who also used his position as president of the Rosendo López neighborhood Development Society to harass Brian Alexis at work.

The young man worked in a local public space cleaning cooperative and on one occasion asked for a change of park, but his grandfather, Domingo Verna, interceded in the process so that his grandson’s request was denied.

“He made him quit his job in the parks area,” explained Mariel Verna. Unfortunately, the woman witnessed the moment her father shot and killed Brian, so she is convinced that the act was premeditated by Domingo Verna.

“He closed the gate, went to get the gun and then told my mom to close the door,” said the mother of the deceased. According to ‘La Nación’, the man had been collecting a debt from the young man on a recurring basis, but Mariel Verna was not aware that her son had asked him for money.

According to the woman, her father used the security cameras to know the time Brian got home from work so he could harass him immediately. Whether to insult him or demand the alleged debt that he had pending.

Domingo Verna was accused of homicide and was detained for three days. However, the authorities released him due to his advanced age. In his home they found various firearms, including a .32 caliber revolver suspected to be the murder weapon. The relevant investigation is being carried out by the authorities.

Source: Elcomercio

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