WorldA catfish "stabs" a boy in the chest while...

A catfish “stabs” a boy in the chest while swimming off a Florida beach


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A boy was rushed to hospital after being “stabbed” in the chest by a catfish while swimming in waters off the west coast of Florida (USA), local authorities reported.


Local media collected this Tuesday this incident that occurred on Monday during a day of fishing, near the town of New Port Richeyon the Florida coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Details of what happened are unknown, but Pasco County Firefighters said While on the way to the hospital with his mother, the boy experienced difficulty breathing.

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The mother called for help and local firefighters arrived in the area and found that the catfish beard had lodged between 2.5 and 3.8 centimeters in the boy’s chest, He was airlifted by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

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This type of fish has sharp thorns in the anterior part of its dorsal and pectoral fin and some of them they have poisonous glands that they can inject into their prey, according to the specialized website

Corey Deirdorff, a spokesman for the Pasco County Fire Department, told Tampa Bay Channel 10 that the case of this child is “very strange” and that I had never heard of a similar situation.

“You hear of fishermen being cut by a spike or hit in the back of the leg and getting an infection, but you’ve never heard of one going into the chest,” he said.

At the end of Monday, the state of health of the minor, 10 years old, was unknown. according to the media.


Source: Elcomercio

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