WorldUnited States Supreme Court agrees with death row inmate...

United States Supreme Court agrees with death row inmate who wants to be shot


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The Supreme Court of USA He agreed on Thursday with Michael Nance, a prisoner sentenced to death in the state of Georgia, who has asked to be shot instead of being executed by lethal injection.

With five votes in favor and four against, the high court endorsed compliance with the will of the prisoner, who considers that the lethal injection is more painful than the firing squad.

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The lethal injection is the only method of execution provided for by the legislation of Georgiabut the firing squad exists in other states of the country.

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The majority of the court considered that people sentenced to death can propose an alternative method of execution that reduces the “risk of severe pain”.

In addition, he argued that this method may be one that is provided for in a state other than the one that sentenced the convicted person.

According to the local press, Nance was arrested for murder after robbing a bank in 1993.. His defense argues that he has weak veins and that the lethal injection It would cause unbearable damage.

In 2017, Georgia he executed with lethal injection a prisoner who had asked to die with a firing squad, but at that time the Supreme Court denied it.

Source: Elcomercio

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