WorldDisney visitor arrested in Florida with a Glock pistol...

Disney visitor arrested in Florida with a Glock pistol and dozens of bullets


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A Hispanic from South Florida (USA) was arrested after trying to access the Walt Disney World facilities in Orlando with a firearm, a knife and dozens of projectiles, authorities reported.


Aaron Joshua Lopez35, was arrested in a shopping center parking lot Disney Springs after a scanner at an access gate detected a suspicious object, according to the arrest report provided Wednesday by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

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According to the police report, Lopezfrom Royal Palm Beach (southeast Florida), last May he activated the metal detector while trying to enter Disney Springs and he testified that he was carrying a knife, though, he said, he remembered that he was to return “something else” to his car.

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The return of Lopez to his car worried the security guard, and a county police officer Orange alongside a Disney Springs cast member they stopped him to check his bag.

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Police found not only a folding knife, but also a 9mm Glock pistol, two magazines and 48 rounds. of ammunition when trying to enter Disney Springs last month, according to an Orange County sheriff’s report released by Disney.

After conducting a criminal background check, agents discovered that Lopez did not have a license to carry a concealed firearm, in addition to the fact that the Disney parks are prohibited from accessing all types of weapons.

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Lopez was booked into the Orange County Jail and charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

“It is extremely important that visitors remember that guns, or weapons of any kind, are strictly prohibited at Walt Disney World”the web wrote this Wednesday when the arrest was known.

“Although the state of Florida may allow people to walk around with a gun if they have proper documentation, Disney is private property. That means Disney can make and enforce any rules they want, and they don’t allow guns. (including things like pepper spray) on any of their properties.”adds the recreation company.

He also stated that It’s not the first time a “visitor” has been arrested “for attempting to bring a weapon onto Disney property.”

In 2020, he explains, just three days after EPCOT reopened, a “visitor” was arrested for having a gun and marijuana in his son’s diaper bag.

Also, another man was arrested for having a gun in his stroller and said he forgot it was there, he said.

The United States Supreme Court on Thursday extended the right to bear arms by endorsing that they can be carried in public, a historic decision that comes after the recent mass shootings that have reopened the eternal debate on the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

In the first case of draft on weapons that it examines in thirteen years, the high court, with a conservative majority, ruled against a century-old law in the state of New York that requires concealed weapons to be carried on the street.

This decision, which may have implications in other states with similar laws, comes as Democrats finalize a minimum agreement with Republicans to regulate gun control in the country.


Source: Elcomercio

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