WorldFabiana Rosales, the wife of Juan Guaidó, meets with...

Fabiana Rosales, the wife of Juan Guaidó, meets with Biden and the first lady at the White House


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Fabiana Rosales, wife of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidomet on Wednesday at the White House with the US president, Joe Bidenand the first lady, Jill Biden, with whom she discussed the situation in the Latin American country, both women reported this Thursday on social networks.


Jill Biden posted this thursday Twitter a photo with rose bushes in which both appear smiling and referred to her as “first lady”, since the US continues to recognize Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela.

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“I had the honor of welcoming Fabian Rosales to the White House yesterday to hear her story as an advocate for vulnerable Venezuelans. She is a brave first lady and mother fighting for a better future for all Venezuelans”said the American first lady on Twitter.

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Fabian Rosales He quoted that message from Jill Biden in his account on the same platform and explained that, during his meeting, he exposed “in detail” the suffering of millions of Venezuelans, especially minors, due to “the humanitarian emergency generated by the regime” of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro .

“I asked for your support to end so much pain,” Rosales added.

Guaidó’s wife also posted a photograph with President Biden on Twitter.

He assured that he had talked with him and with the first lady about the defense of human rights, the protection of migrants, the release of “political prisoners” and the urgency of “free elections” in Venezuela.

And he said that he had asked the US president not to leave Venezuelans alone “in the fight for freedom”, to which the president said: “I promise you,” as explained by the Venezuelan on Twitter.

“(Joe Biden) He expressed deep admiration and respect for the fight that we Venezuelans continue to give in favor of democracy, he ratified the support and commitment of the United States in defense of freedom, a value that unites us and moves us daily, “said Rosales.

The White House has not offered details about the content of Roales’ conversation with the president. The only thing that has been made public at the moment is the message on Twitter from the US first lady.

After arriving at the White House in January of last year, Biden decided to maintain the recognition of Guaidó as interim president that his predecessor, Donald Trump (2017-2021), expressed in 2019, but during these months he has not made Venezuela a priority of his foreign policy.

On the contrary, Biden has focused on China, which he sees as his great competitor for world hegemony.


Source: Elcomercio

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