WorldFrom meals to TVs: Influencers exposed for wanting everything...

From meals to TVs: Influencers exposed for wanting everything for free


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Since the boom of influencers, many of these content creators seek to obtain free services, objects or food in exchange for a positive review of a business on their profile, but not all entrepreneurs are interested in that opinion and avoid giving away their products to this group of young people, who call work to add followers in their social networks.

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Former Exathlon athlete, Óscar Cano

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How to forget, when the former Exatlón athlete, Oscar Canoasked for information in a hotel in Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico, to stay during his birthday.

In the message, the “influencer” indicates that he was looking for a stay for four nights for himself. When the place tells you that they are going to check costs, Spout says he can pay with “advertising.”

The hotel quickly responds negatively to Óscar Cano, telling him that “likes” are not accepted in the place and asking him in the most attentive way that “he does not starve and pay for the services.”

Influencers of Where are we going?

The bad review of a supposed influencer about a restaurant in Mexico City sparked controversy on social networks, after the establishment exhibited the real reason for the bad comments by the young youtuber.

It all started when the youngsters from the channel “Where do we pull?”, they had asked a restaurant for a free service for four people in exchange for a good opinion. However, the establishment stated that it did not participate in such exchanges.

What the youtuber named Alejandro Carreño bothered him and wrote a negative review of that place.

The restaurant, for its part, published the conversation, showing the content creators that their annoyance was for having denied them a free meal.

Cristina Pedroche

But Mexican influencers are not the only ones who try to get things for free, since this behavior is worldwide, as happened with the Spanish Cristina Pedroche who generated a controversy in social networks by asking for a free television.

The presenter published a photograph next to a state-of-the-art television valued at about 58,800 pesos and asked the brand to give it to her.

“Dear gentlemen from Samsung, I am in love with this TV and I think I need it in my life. If not, I’ll have to ask the Three Wise Men because I’m very good… #échalemorroPedroche ”, published the influencer.

The image, which aims more to be a collaboration with the brand than a request, outraged his followers, who dedicated all kinds of suggestions to him. “You can buy it and we all know it”, “Work and buy it yourself and stop asking”, wrote some of the Internet users.

Elle Darby

the british youtuber Elle Darby, It was also evidenced after he wanted to stay at the White Moose Café hotel, paying the owner with “exposure”. In an email, the young woman indicated that she planned to stay at said hotel on Valentine’s weekend, from February 8 to 12, and get to know the area, in exchange for which she would give them exposure on her networks.

The owner of the establishment, Paul Stenson, evidently refused and displayed it on his social networks with an incendiary letter.

Paul Stenson replied through the hotel’s Facebook page to the influencer saying that “it takes balls to send an email like that” and asking her “who is going to pay the staff that takes care of you? Who is going to pay the maids who clean your room? The ones who serve you breakfast? (…) My best wishes. P.S. The answer is no,” he stated.


Source: Elcomercio

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