WorldA French cartoon against the revocation of the right...

A French cartoon against the revocation of the right to abortion published in “Liberation” brandished by Sharon Stone


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Stars replaced by hangers and streaks of blood as red bands. This is how designer Coco, who works at Release, revisited the Stars and Stripes, the American flag, after the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the right to abortion. On both sides of the flag also lie women. The front page of the daily carrying the drawing made the rounds of social networks, in the course of a wave of indignation in France, and crossed the Atlantic, peddled by messages of support for American women.

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There, journalists and editorial writers take it up, often with the mention “found in a French newspaper”. Since then, the drawing has lived its best life in the ranks of supporters of access to abortion according to the daily: reposted, taken up on signs in Colorado, and even shared by actress Sharon Stone.

“It’s a drawing without text, so everyone can understand it”

The Twitter account of Release recorded one million views on June 25, almost three times more than after Emmanuel Macron’s re-election. And the American activists do not stop there: some asked the designer to make stickers from the drawing, in order to display on the bumper of their car their opposition to the decision of the Supreme Court.

Touched, Coco confided in the columns of Release “This is a subject close to my heart, I will always be there to defend the right to abortion. My body my choice is the most important message and it is that of this drawing. It’s a silent drawing, without text, so everyone can understand it, no matter the language. »


Source: 20minutes

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