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China, NATO’s new challenge: is it too late to face this threat?


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The NATO prepares to face the threats of the contemporary world. First its member states pointed to Russia as the main one, perhaps a return to the geopolitical configuration typical of the Cold War; and now they accuse China of “attempt to subvert the international order”. It is the first time that the country presided over by Xi Jinping is cited in the NATO Strategic Concept, which was discussed and modified by eighth time this week at the Madrid Summit.

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On the inclusion of the Asian giant, Willy Claes, former Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organizationheld: “We cannot allow authoritarian states at odds with democracies”.

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But the fears do not only go in one direction. China also go to the NATO as a threat: while the alliance is sold as a defensive bloc, to beijing it is the opposite. In fact, they consider that the block is one of the main causes of the war between russia and ukraine. The reason: since the end of the Cold Waraccepted 14 members, many of whom were worryingly close to the country of Vladimir Putin. That is, he put Moscowagainst the ropes”.

And it’s not the only thing: China also accuses the NATO to park at their gates under the guise of alliances like the Aukus (alliance between United States, United Kingdom and Australia) or the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (ATVwhich gathers to USA, India, Japan and Australia).

Hence, its response to the alliance’s change in strategy has been forceful. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijianmaintained that it is an attempt to “smear foreign policy” and that reality shows that China does not represent a “systemic challenge”. In any case, who should be accused of it is the same NATO.

The spokesperson added: “The NATO it pretends to be a regional organization and defensive in nature. In fact, it continues to expand beyond its regional limits and powers, provoking wars and killing innocent civilians.”.

the hands of the NATO are stained with the blood of the peoples of the world”.

For Marco Carrasco, professor of East Asian Studies at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the U. de San Marcosthe decision of the NATO generates a certain setback in a China that has known how to develop hand in hand with President Xi. However, being mentioned in such a way also reveals to them that USA it is weakening, so much so that it has been forced to re-negotiate with its allies.

This was evidenced in this Madrid Summit. Not only members attended, but also countries of the Pacific Asia What Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. What is the point of inviting them?”, maintains the specialist.

Carrasco adds: “This situation generates China something more than paranoia because there was always talk of US interference in the affairs of their region. It should even be remembered that the current US ambassador to his country is Nicholas Burnswho was previously a delegate of his country in the NATO and is one of the great promoters of the alliance transcending the Atlantic and Europe”.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg shakes hands with US President Joe Biden. Today, at the Madrid Summit. Bloomberg (Valeria Mongelli/)

An enemy by another name

Be careful, what China has not been recognized as an enemy -warns the international analyst Francesco Tucci-. No hostile will has been noted, which is the requirement to consider it a threat”.

Tucci is right: the NATO Strategic Concept avoids calling China a “threat” and bets on calling it challenge. In fact, as reported by “El País”, the document states that the alliance is willing to discuss a “constructive engagement” beside beijing. Of course it is a legal act because what follows is a series of accusations. For example:

Their malicious cyber and hybrid operations, and their confrontational and disinformation rhetoric undermines the security of the Alliance”.

In addition, he criticizes the dictatorship for maintaining “the opacity about its strategy, its intentions and its military build-up”, and by searching “create strategic dependencies and strengthen their influence” from its category of economic giant.

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, has been forceful: “China is not our adversary, but we must be clear about the serious challenges it represents”. “We are now facing an era of strategic competition […]. China is substantially increasing its forces, including nuclear weapons, intimidating its neighbors, including Taiwan”, he added.

The concern for China, recalls Tucci, has been going on for a long time, despite the fact that it is the first time that the name appears written in this way. “But it seems that this attempt to contain its rise comes too late.”.

The specialist seems to be right. For example, Willy Claes, former Secretary General of NATOhas already highlighted the alliance bricswhich joins Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa for economic and commercial purposes. “It can only be the beginning of an adversarial structure facing the West”, he warned.

Indeed, the threat is beginning to take shape. This week the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov He referred to the expansion process of the Brics. “Of course, so much Argentina What Iran they are worthy and respectable candidates […]. The most important thing is that the preliminary process has started“, said.

According to Telesur, at Brics Business Forum of last week attended as guests “Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, and Thailand”.

How much can this NATO position affect Xi Jinping’s interests? Tucci sentence: “Remember that China is pragmatic, so it will continue with the same strategy: win without fighting”.


Source: Elcomercio

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