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Ephemeris of today, July 2: This happened in the world on a day like today

On July 2, but in 2008, the Colombian Army rescued the former presidential candidate Ingrid Bentancourtkidnapped by the FARC guerrilla in 2002, and 14 other hostages.


1502.- A hurricane, of which Columbus warned, destroys the city of Santo Domingo and sinks the flotilla that had just left for Spain.

1776.- The North American Continental Congress ratifies its separation from England.

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1798.- Napoleon takes Alexandria by assault on his expedition to Egypt.

1800.- triumphal entry of Napoleon in Paris after his conquests in Italy.

1856.- Launching of the passenger shipYporá”, the first steam built in Paraguay.

1865.- Reverend William Booth and his wife, Catherine, create in London the Salvation Armya Christian charity organization.

1897.- The Italian Guglielmo Marconi patents the radio in Great Britainbut after years of litigation Nikola Tesla was considered its discoverer.

1900.- First flight tests of the airship the LZ-1 (Luftschiff Zeppelin 1), built by Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin on Lake Constance (Germany).

1928.- Parliament grants unrestricted voting for women over 21 in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

1937.- american aviators Amelia Earhart and Frederick Noonan they are reported missing near Howland Island in the Pacific.

1961.- Ernest HemingwayAmerican writer and Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, commits suicide in Ketchum (Idaho, USA).

1964.- US President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Law that prohibits unequal voter registration and racial segregation in schools and work.

1966.- France conducts its first nuclear test in the Mururoa Atollin Polynesia (Pacific), after the initials of Algeria.

1972.- Indira Gandhi (India) and Ali Bhuto (Pakistan) sign the Simla peace treaty.

1975.- expelled from Mauritania Polisario Front.

1976.- The Vietnamese National Assembly declares the reunified Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Republic of South Vietnam as Socialist Republic Of Vietnam, chaired by Ton Duc Thang.

1982.- Spain and the United States sign the Friendship, Defense and Cooperation Agreement, which replaces that of 1976, with full Spanish sovereignty over the bases and prohibition of nuclear weapons in its territory.

1985.- The head of Soviet diplomacy, Andrey Gromykois appointed chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

– The European Space Agency launches the probe Giottoapproaching the nucleus of Halley’s Comet for study.

1986.- General strike in Chile against the Government of Pinochet.

1988.- John Paul II excommunicates traditionalist archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and several bishops, including the Spanish Alfonso de Galarreta and the Brazilian Antonio de Castro Mayer.

1989.- The Algerian Parliament approves the law on political associations, which allows the multiparty system.

1990.- 1,426 people die in one stampede in a tunnel near Mecca (Saudi Arabia), when they were on their way to the “Feast of the Sacrifice of the Lamb”.

1992.- The United States informs NATO that it has completed the withdrawal of its tactical nuclear weapons from land in Europe.

– Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori announces the capture of Shining Path leader Luis Alberto Arana Franco.

2000.- Vincent Foxof the National Action Party, wins the presidential elections in Mexico and ends 71 ​​years of PRI government.

2001.- Successfully implanted in the Jewish hospital of Louisville (Kentucky, USA) the first fully autonomous artificial heart, AbioCor. The recipient died 151 days later from a medical problem unrelated to his new heart.

2006.- The movement to socialism, of President Evo Morales, wins the elections to the Constituent Assembly in Bolivia with a majority.

– The Curator Felipe Calderon wins the Mexican presidential

– Died of a heart attack Herty Lewitesformer mayor of Managua and candidate for the Presidency of Nicaragua.

2007.- Eight Spanish tourists and two Yemenis die in a Suicide car bombing in Yemen.

2010.- 232 people die and 117 are injured while doing tanker truck explosion in Sange, Democratic Republic of Congowhen they collected the spilled fuel.

– The UN General Assembly creates the body “UN Women”.

2012.- It arrives at Cape Canaveral, in Florida, the first Orion capsulefor the transport of astronauts on space missions, ending three decades of shuttles.

2021.- The United States leaves the air base Bagramits main military installation in Afghanistan.


1874.- Peter PauletPeruvian engineer considered the father of astronautics.

1877.- Hermann HesseGerman writer and Nobel 1946.

1903.- Olav VKing of Norway.

1922.-Pierre Cardin, French fashion designer.

1923.- Wislawa SzymborskaPolish poetess and Nobel 1996.

1929.- Imelda Marcoswidow of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.

1930.- Carlos Saúl Menemformer Argentine president.

1938.- David OwenBritish politician.

1942.- Vicente Foxformer Mexican president.

1969.- Jenni RiveraAmerican singer.

1985.- Ashley TisdaleAmerican actress and singer.

1986.- Lindsay LohanAmerican actress and singer.


1522.- Elio Antonio Cala y Jarana“Elio Antonio de Nebrija”, author of the first grammar of the Castilian language.

1566.- Michel Nostradamus, French astrologer known for his prophecies.

1778.- Jean-Jacques RousseauSwiss writer and philosopher.

1915.- Porfirio Diazformer Mexican president.

1932.- Manuel II, last king of Portugal.

1977.- Vladimir NabokovRussian-American writer.

1989.- Andrei Gromykoformer Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

1992.- Jose Monge Cruz“Camarón de la Isla”, Spanish singer.

1997.- James StewartAmerican actor.

1999.- Mario PuzoAmerican writer.

2008.- Simone OrtegaSpanish writer.

2011.- Itamar Francoformer Brazilian president.

2013.- Fawzia from Egyptsister of King Farouk and first wife of Shah Reza Pahlavi.

2015.- Jacobo ZabludovskyMexican journalist.

2016.- Elie Wiesel, Romanian writer, Holocaust survivor and 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

2016.-Michel Rocard, French politician.

2019.- Lee Iacocca, American businessman and former president of Ford and Chrysler.

Source: Elcomercio

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