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He gets a scholarship to study at a US university thanks to his skills in Fortnite

There are people who have dedicated much of their time to video games, to the point of becoming professional gamers. To the surprise of many, they have not only managed to make money, but also make their way in other areas. That was the case of the young Brazilian Matheus Montenegro, whose ability for Fortnite allowed him to obtain a scholarship to continue studies at a university in USA and now he will be part of the eSports team.

At 20 years old, Matheus Montenegro is living a dream come true. The Oklahoma Christian University (Oklahoma Christian University) of United awarded him a scholarship to study Computer Engineering and, in turn, represent the eSports team in future competitions. But how could the young Brazilian achieve all this?

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Since he was 8 years old, Matheus Montenegro, originally from São Vicente (SP), started playing Fortnite, a famous video game released in 207. “I’ve been playing Fortnite since a little after its release. I played on PlayStation 2 and then I went to the computer, ”revealed the young man in statements to the UOL medium.

At the age of 12, he began to study English and became interested in technology. After graduating from high school, he looked into a few careers, but he was not interested in any of them. “From there my perception of life changed along with my growing passion for eSports”Matheus admitted in the brief biography he made on the Vakinha page.

In this way, he began to play professionally until in 2021 he realized that his Fornite skills could open doors for him at universities in the United States.

A news came out saying that a Brazilian had gone to 32 universities to be a Fortnite athlete ”, He mentioned the same Brazilian media.

Excited by the news, he contacted his compatriot through Instagram and he guided him to follow the same path.

Matheus Montenegro started playing Fortnite at the age of 8 and today he will be able to study Computer Engineering at a university in the United States. (Photo:

28 universities in the United States offered him scholarships

Matheus made a compilation of his best moments of the game to create a video and send it to different American universities, according to UPSOCL. In the North American country, it should be noted, eSports players are practically considered as athletes and, for this reason, several universities include them in their sports departments.

Matheus applied to 29 universities in the United States and passed 29 of them, after passing the rigorous tests, including English.

Among the requirements the student houses asked for were letters of recommendation from professors, essays on certain topics, the reason why he wanted to pursue higher studies and a video with his best moments in the Fortnite game.

The young man finally chose the Christian University of Oklahoma, in the United States, to study Computer Engineering, with a 75% scholarship.

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His interest in what is behind a computer led him to choose this career. “It all started back in 2017, when I decided to build a gaming computer so I could play Fortnite. I bought new parts online without even knowing how to assemble them, and within a few days of the parts arriving I had to unfold and learn hardware and software. After hours and a lot of determination, there it was! my new PC!”revealed the young

Ask for help to pay for your university

Although he got a scholarship, the Brazilian student needs money to pay for his stay in the United States until he finishes his degree. For this reason, he asked for the support of users through the Vakinha platform, which allows fundraising.

The young man hopes to get just over 84 thousand reais (approximately 15 thousand 78th dollars) until July 30, the deadline to pay his first semester. So far, he has raised 1,817 reais ($340).

Source: Elcomercio

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