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“Boris Johnson has lied and broken the rules. He will thus be remembered”

“I suspect we will have to kick him out.” The confession of a British legislator is the mood that exists in the Conservative Party, which has put the accelerator to force the resignation of the increasingly uncomfortable prime minister, Boris Johnson.

The still head of the Government of the United Kingdom, who has proven to have more than seven lives, has said in every way that he does not intend to resign. However, his fate would be cast.

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The avalanche of ministers who have resigned from the cabinet in recent days has put it on the brink of the precipice again, as just a month ago it survived a motion of no confidence.

About the uncertainty that hangs over Johnson, we talked with

Protests against Boris Johnson have multiplied in recent days as scandals add to his management. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

Can Boris Johnson be saved this time?

It is very difficult to say because the situation is very uncertain, but if I had to bet, I would bet that it is not saved. The normal convention in these cases, to put it in English terms, is for the gentleman to retire, but he has said he will not and it seems quite unlikely that he will be saved, but much depends on him.

Does it also have to do with his personality?

The funny thing is that this crisis of the Conservative Party is a crisis of Boris Johnson, of the character. Yes, there is a situation of inflation and economic crisis in the country, but there are no major government problems. It is, above all, an annoyance of the population and the party regarding Johnson’s personality, because he has lied several times, he has broken the rules and he has been condemned for it.

We must also take into account that many of the ministers who have resigned have done so because they want to be the new leaders of the Conservative Party, and therefore everyone is very attentive to how they look to the electorate for the next elections, that is why there are so many resignations and so many people positioning themselves for the prime ministerial race.

This is the case of the resigning Rishi Sunak (former Minister of Economy) and Sajid Javid (former Minister of Health), and the name of Nadhim Zahawi, who has just entered the cabinet, is also being considered.

Rishi Sunak was one of the most renowned ministers in Boris Johnson's cabinet.  On Monday, he decided to step aside.  REUTERS

Rishi Sunak was one of the most renowned ministers in Boris Johnson’s cabinet. On Monday, he decided to step aside. REUTERS

—How is the Conservative Party faring against the British? Is Labour’s moment ready?

Precisely, the Labor Party (centre-left) has a greater intention to vote since all the Boris Johnson scandals began. It is not that Labor is doing much better, but that the Conservative Party, and especially Johnson, is doing very poorly in the public eye. Although everything is very uncertain, it is unlikely that there will be elections because no Conservative is interested now in a general election, because Labor, for now, has an advantage.

If there is now a new prime minister, we will see if the Conservatives’ problem is with the party or if it really is a Boris Johnson problem.

How will Boris Johnson be remembered?

Like the ‘brexit’ liar. His figure will be remembered for two elements: all the scandals he has had for breaking the rules, all the lies and public behavior, let’s say, quite striking; and the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union and, through it, the approval of a rather harsh ‘Brexit’.

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