WorldIn which countries is the population growing the most?

In which countries is the population growing the most?


According to projections, there will be 10 billion human beings on Earth in 2050, compared to 7.9 billion today. And the world population is expected to grow by around 1% in 2021. But which countries are driving this demographic growth? According to CIA data, illustrated by this infographic from our partner Statista, Syria has the most dynamic population balance (+ 5.3%). The trend takes into account the birth rate, but also population flows (and therefore here the return of refugees). African states follow, the continent that is growing the most: South Sudan, Burundi and Niger.

Conversely, Europe, particularly in the East, is globally in negative growth: Germany, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria are losing inhabitants. Knowing that the worst in this area at the global level are more geographically isolated: the Cook Islands (- 2.5%), the Samoa Islands (- 2.1%), Puerto Rico (- 1.5%) and Saint-Pierre -and-Miquelon (- 1.2%).



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