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Are you in conflict with your loved ones about the health pass and vaccination? tell us


The health pass begins to come into force on Wednesday. And it does not only have followers, some French people considering it to be liberticidal. Moreover, last weekend, 120,000 people demonstrated across France to cry out their opposition. In the inner circle, conflicts on the issue are numerous and have a tendency to become radicalized in recent weeks, with the increase in cases of coronavirus in France.

One of your relatives is opposed to the health pass, which provoked heated discussions between you? Tell us. What are his arguments? What proportions has this conflict taken between us? Will he leave traces in your relationship? You are opposed to vaccination and do not want to follow government recommendations, tell us why. How are those around you reacting? Do you feel like a minority among your friends and family? Does your position on the subject prevent you from participating in family or friendly events?



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