Worldat least 20 dead in the sinking of a...

at least 20 dead in the sinking of a pirogue in Mali


At least 20 people died Monday, July 19 in the sinking of a canoe on the artificial lake of Selingué, in southwestern Mali, and nine were saved by fishermen, we learned from Wednesday. local officials.

“These are people who were going to their village for the feast of Tabaski (the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha) when their canoe hit a trunk and was pierced”, declared the mayor of the commune. rural Baya, on the shores of this dam lake located 140 km south of Bamako, near the border with Guinea.

About twenty victims, including women and children

“Twenty-three people died. Thanks to the fishermen who came to their aid, nine survivors were able to reach the banks, ”added the mayor, according to whom the fishermen“ took 23 bodies out of the water ”.

“The capsizing killed at least twenty people, there are children and women”, for his part indicated a head of the Selingué gendarmerie, speaking on condition of anonymity. “The funerals took place last night,” said the director of a school in Baya, Tièmoko Sissoko, confirming a death toll of about twenty.



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