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Iran: Protesters defy crackdown again

Iran: Protesters defy crackdown again

Iran: Protesters defy crackdown again

The protesters They went out again this Saturday to the streets in several cities of Iran to report the death of the young Mahsa Aminidefying the bloody crackdown on protests that began a month ago.

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Mahsa Aminia 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman, died on 16 September while in the custody of the morale police in Tehran for allegedly breaking the strict dress code for women in the Islamic Republic.

The authorities affirm that the young woman died of an illness and not of “hits”, according to a medical report rejected by his father. According to his cousin, died aftera violent blow to the head.

The outrage caused by his death has unleashed the greatest wave of demonstrations and violence in Iran since the 2019 protests against the rise in gasoline prices in this oil country.

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The protests spread despite the cuts of the most popular social networks and are led by young women, who burn their veils and do not hesitate to confront the police.

“The mullahs must go!”, a group of female students without veils chanted on Saturday at the Technical and Professional School Tehran Shariatiaccording to a video posted online.

al hamedanwest of the capital, protesters fired projectiles at security forces near a major roundabout, according to footage verified by AFP.

There were also marches in Ardabil (northwest), as could be seen in videos posted on Twitter.

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Traders went on strike in Saqez, the original city of Amini, in Kurdistan province, and in Mahabad, also in the northwest, according to the social media outlet 1500tasvir, which covers the demonstrations.

“Schoolboys from the town of Ney, in Marivan (west), they set fire in the street and shouted anti-government chants”he pointed hengawan Iranian Kurdish advocacy group based in Norway.

Youth groups also demonstrated at the universities of Tehran, Isfahan (south) and Kermanshah (northwest), according to images shared on the internet.

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“The beginning of the end!”

The protesters responded to an online appeal under the slogan “The beginning of the end!” of the regime.

Activists call on citizens to demonstrate in places where security forces are not present and to chant “Death to the dictator”referring to the supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

In response, the Islamic Development Coordination Councilin charge of organizing official demonstrations, urged the population to express “their revolutionary anger at the seditionists and the rioters.”

Retired members of the Revolutionary Guardsthe Islamic Republic’s ideological army, also rallied on Saturday, according to the reformist newspaper Shargh.

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At the rally, a Guardian commander said that three members of the Basij paramilitary militia killed and 850 wounded in Tehran since the beginning of the “sedition”, indicated the official news agency irna.

The protests, which enter their fifth week, have given rise to demonstrations of solidarity in other countries.

United States and the European Union They determined sanctions against Iranian officials involved in the repression that has already left at least 108 dead, including 23 children between the ages of 11 and 17, according to International Amnesty.

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Biden support

The American President, Joe Biden, he affirmed on Friday that his country is “together with the citizens, with the brave women of Iran” and called on the authorities to “end the violence against their own citizens.”

Iranian President, ebrahim raisirepeatedly accused USAa declared enemy of Tehran, of wanting to destabilize his country.

Before the EU imposes sanctions on Tehran on Monday, the head of Iranian diplomacy, Hossein Amir-Abdolahiancalled on the bloc to adopt a “realistic view” of the demonstrations.

Iran is a “pillar of lasting stability and security in the region,” the minister recalled during a telephone conversation on Friday with the head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell.

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After a vast campaign of arrests against artists, dissidents, journalists and athletes, the Iranian filmmaker Mani Haghighi stated that his country prohibited him from traveling to the United Kingdom for the London Film Festivalas a result of his support for the protesters.

In a video message posted Friday on Twitter, Haghighi He called the protests a “great moment in history.”

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