WorldVladimir Putin praises the Russian fleet, capable of destroying...

Vladimir Putin praises the Russian fleet, capable of destroying “any enemy target”


Vladimir Putin assured this Sunday that the Russian fleet was able to detect and destroy “any enemy target under water, on the surface or in the air”. “Today, the Russian fleet has everything it takes to infallibly defend the homeland and our national interests,” said the Russian president in a speech broadcast on television, as he attended a grand parade naval ship on the Neva in St. Petersburg.

According to him, Russia has earned its place among the “main world maritime powers”. It has developed “efficient short and long range naval aviation, reliable coastal defense systems and state-of-the-art high-precision hypersonic weapons, which have no equivalent in the world and which continue to be constantly improved and improved. with success “.

New “invincible” weapons

Against a background of strong tensions with Western countries, Vladimir Poutine has not ceased to praise in recent years the new weapons, according to him “invincible”, designed by his country. Among them are the new generation Avangard hypersonic missile, capable of reaching a speed of Mach 27 and changing course and altitude, or the Zircon flying at Mach 7, successfully tested in July.

Several other weapons such as the Kinjal hypersonic missile and the nuclear-powered Bourevestnik missile are under development. The S-500 air defense systems, touted as “unparalleled in the world”, were also successfully tested on July 20.



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