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“Trusting the West does not work” for Supreme Leader Khamenei


Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday that the outgoing government’s experience in dialogue with the great powers and the United States showed that “trusting the West does not work”.

“Future generations should use this experience. It became clear during this government’s tenure that trusting the West does not work, ”Ali Khamenei told outgoing President Hassan Rohani and members of his cabinet, according to the Supreme Guide’s official website.

Discussions since April

Tehran and the major powers began talks in April to save the international Iran nuclear deal concluded in 2015, which had died since the United States came out of it in 2018 and reinstated sanctions against Tehran, which in response abandoned most of its commitments.

“The work was ready” to be done, Hassan Rouhani said in mid-July about the negotiations during a televised meeting, stressing that his government “had done what was necessary” for a lifting of US sanctions.

Change of president in August

So far, six rounds of negotiations have taken place, the last one ending on June 20 in Vienna between Iran and the countries still party to the agreement (UK, China, France, Germany and Russia). No date for resuming talks has been specified.

“We hope that the 13th administration will be able to finish this work,” added Hassan Rohani, who is due to hand over the reins of power in early August to the new president-elect Ebrahim Raïssi (ultra-conservative).



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