WorldApple gives leakers 14 days to denounce their sources,...

Apple gives leakers 14 days to denounce their sources, otherwise they will be reported to the police


Apple is finally taking the lead in order to unmask the “leakers” (at the origin of the leaks) who are among its employees. For several years, the American company has faced the resale or distribution of prototypes of some of its iPhone. Thus, the firm at the apple has just sent a letter of formal notice to a Chinese citizen, reports Geek’s Journal, this Wednesday.

The information was revealed by Motherboard who obtained a copy of the mail. In it, Apple summons the Chinese citizen to reveal his sources within 14 days. This man is believed to be behind social media advertising for stolen iPhones. He would therefore know at least one person who steals prototypes from Apple’s premises to resell them to collectors or hackers.

Several resellers would have received the mail

If the recipient of the letter does not comply with Apple’s request, the US company threatens to report it to the police. These iPhone thefts would have started in 2018. At that time, several prototypes had been illegally put up for sale on social networks. However, Apple had not commented and had not communicated on the means put in place to put an end to this traffic.

Finally, after years of silence, the international firm seems to have decided to act. Apple’s goal is to put an end to these thefts, which represent real damage, while maintaining its brand image. In addition, several Internet retailers have reportedly received the same letter, also calling on them to denounce their sources within two weeks of receiving the formal notice.



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