WorldPolice dismantle illegal bitcoin "mine" ... in their own...

Police dismantle illegal bitcoin “mine” … in their own HQ


The Polish police have made an unusual discovery, to say the least. She said on Friday that she had dismantled an illegal bitcoin “mine” … in her own headquarters in Warsaw. “A civilian employee, not a police officer (…), diverted electrical energy to mine bitcoin, unfortunately this happened on the premises of the police”, said the spokesperson for the police. Polish Mariusz Ciarka on TVN24 television.

“We discovered it fairly quickly,” he said, without specifying how long the offense lasted. Mariusz Ciarka also assured that the “minor” did not have access to police databases. According to TVN24, the employee was dismissed and the prosecution was seized of the case.

A very energy-intensive activity

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin operate through a decentralized network: networks of independent computers validate transactions across the world. Participants, or “minors,” use powerful processors to perform complex equations that prove their participation and receive bitcoins as a reward, a very energy-intensive activity – hence the temptation to illegally connect to the general network.

According to Cambridge bitcoin electricity consumption index (CBECI), bitcoin mines would consume around 114 TWh (terrawatt-hour) on an annualized basis, or 0.5% of global electricity production, or slightly more than the consumption of the Netherlands.

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