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Rishi Sunak succeeds Liz Truss: a new hope for the UK?

The only candidacy for the leadership of the Conservative Party was that of Rishi Sunak. The 42-year-old ‘tory’ will thus become (and expressly) the new prime minister of the United Kingdomthe first of Indian descent and the youngest in 200 years.

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Boris Johnson Y Penny Mordaunt were among the possible options for the position, but abstained. Why? According to Mordaunt, it was a partisan decision in favor of stability, and for that reason, she supported Sunak’s appointment. However, other reasons are put forward.

It is true that the conservatives had to give a message of unity. His crisis is very strong and entering the phase of debate and voting on a new prime minister was self-destruction -says the internationalist Enrique Banus-. But it is also true that Mordaunt he did not have enough support and that Johnson found it difficult to be elected because his last days in office are still fresh. Nor can we ignore the fact that accepting the position is getting into a problem that could mean a short term and be punished in the next elections.”.

Sunak it was the only option and even the best. Born in Southampton 42 years ago, educated in the oxford colleges Y Stanfordand married to the wealthy indian businesswoman Akshata Murty. Also, it was secretary of the treasury during the coronavirus pandemic. Then, why wasn’t he chosen earlier, instead of Liz Truss?Remember that, in politics, the best qualified is not always the winner -holds Diego Zapata, master and professor of the International Relations career at the San Ignacio de Loyola University-. Sunak faced two scandals: the first for being part of one of the parties COVID-19 next to Johnson; and the second, because her wife changed her status to non-resident to avoid paying taxes in England. That reduced his candidacy”.

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His appointment can be seen, therefore, as a result of the tory pragmatism against the errors of Truss, who lost credibility with investors, marking the end of his administration. “Now we see a prepared young man, someone who worked in large financial conglomerates and was already at the forefront of the nation’s economy.”, adds Zapata.

Sunak is also a pragmatist. She demonstrated it, says the specialist, when he asked for a loan of US$400,000 to help families and businesses during the pandemic. “It was a policy that even went against what was expected of the conservatives, and was very well received even by the unions themselves. Now the ‘tories’ use his figure to face their own internal fragmentation”.

My priority is that the party and our country come together again”, promised Sunak, who must be endorsed in office by the king charles iii.

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Sunak, the superhero?

As the new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak it will have to solve several of the problems that its predecessors could not deal with. His mission is to redirect the United Kingdom, despite the fact that the situation is against him. “Due to Brexit, there are now sectors without enough workers, carriers have many problems, etc., so it is not just a lack of resources, but the absence of those who can mobilize them”, says Enrique Banus.

In this regard, Diego Zapata adds that it and the war between russia and ukraine have caused the rise in the cost of living and energy. “The winter is expected to be very harsh and poor and middle-class families will probably have to decide between eating or using the heating. It is true that the image of Sunak generates confidence among investors, but this problem is much deeper”.

Zapata imagines that, while the economy of the United Kingdom continue to free fall, Rishi Sunak will raise taxes and make other decisions that will surely not be to the liking of the middle class. “We still don’t know his government plan, so wait and remember that, despite being qualified for the position, Sunak does not have superpowers”.

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In any case, it would suffice to recover the credibility and not lose sight of ordinary citizens. Banus concludes: “If he manages to get the economy back on track and stabilize the middle class, which always has something to lose in times of crisis, peace will come. Sunak has to know that the economy is never just economics”.

Source: Elcomercio

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