WorldAgainst the aggressiveness of passengers, flight attendants learn to...

Against the aggressiveness of passengers, flight attendants learn to fight


Some flight attendants or flight attendants take self-defense courses in the United States. They have to deal with an increase in violent behavior on the part of passengers. “We get on a plane with a lot of people, some of them are not always happy and you never know what’s going to happen,” a flight attendant told CNN..

The latter took a half-day class at a gym in Miami. A service that was created in 2004 by the Transportation Security Administration, or the US National Transportation Security Agency.

Treated as “punching-balls”

The objective of these courses: to learn de-escalation techniques, to manage difficult passengers, to learn different ways of hitting or overpowering an aggressor. All hope to never put these gestures into practice but notice an increase in incidents, especially since the obligation to wear a mask on planes. “People are anxious, upset, frustrated, and sometimes this can manifest itself inappropriately”, adds the flight attendant who intends to take good care of herself but also of the other passengers.

More than 3,600 incidents reported to the Federal Aviation Administration and the government agency responsible for civil aviation regulations and controls have been reported since the start of the year. Three quarters concerned the wearing of the mask on the plane.

The international president of the Hostesses and Stewards Association affirms: “our jobs are more difficult than ever. Conflicts increase very quickly, ”adding that some employees were treated like“ punching bags ”.



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