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Rains in Venezuela: 62 houses affected by an impressive landslide on January 23, in Caracas | VIDEOS

Overflow of rivers, floods and landslides were recorded in different states of Venezuela to the passage of tropical wave No. 46 through Venezuelan territory. One of the most significant damages is that suffered by the inhabitants of the La Ladera 2 sector of the populous 23 de Enero parish in Caracas.

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During the afternoon of Monday, October 24, Several videos have gone viral showing the moment in which various buildings collapsed.

Landslide on January 23

Carlos Pérez Ampueda, Vice Minister for Risk Management and Civil Protection, reported that a damage assessment was carried out. He said no injuries were reported.

“The preventive action allowed the evacuation of more than 50 families in a situation of vulnerability to rainfall and the risk of landslides,” said Pérez Ampueda.

National Risk Management System in perfect civic-military union together with the head of government of the Capital District attends landslide due to saturation in the La Ladera 2 sector on January 23where 62 homes were affected,” he added.

Later, Remigio Ceballos, Minister for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, offered a balance, in which he indicated that the inhabitants of 14 houses had been evacuated.

He further explained that There were 12 buildings that collapsed and a total of 162 families are affected after the collapse.

Also, Ceballos warned that tropical wave No. 47 is approaching Venezuelan territory.

He stated that the meteorological phenomenon is currently located in French Guiana and is moving closer to 20 kilometers per hour.

Source: Elcomercio

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