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The flow of migrants through the dangerous Darién decreases “considerably” after a new US plan.

The arrival of irregular migrants in Panama through the dangerous Darien junglethe natural border with Colombia, “has decreased considerably” after the implementation of the new United States immigration policy for Venezuelans.

This was stated on Tuesday by the head of the National Border Service (Senafront) of PanamaOriel Ortega, who specified that after registering in this October entry peaks of “3,000 and 4,000” irregular migrants in a single day, now “between 1,000 and less” are arriving.

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Panama is the gateway to Central America from the south of the continent for irregular migrants traveling to North Americaand until last Saturday they had entered through the Darien the record number of 204,986 people, 71.8% of them Venezuelansaccording to official figures provided to EFE last Sunday.

Only between October 1 and 22, 53,404 irregular migrants (39,834 Venezuelans) were counted, an unprecedented number that leaves behind the 48,204 in September, the 31,104 in August, the 22,822 in July, the 15,633 in June and the 13,894 in May. past.

The drop in the number of daily arrivals to the Panamanian province of Darien occurs after last October 12 the Government of The United States will announce and implement the rule that indicates that every Venezuelan who enters that country, having irregularly crossed the border between Mexico and Panama, will be expelled to Mexican territory.

In addition, those expelled will be excluded from the program through which USA will give legal status for two years to 24,000 Venezuelans who arrive by plane and with sponsors.

The effect of the US measure is that many Venezuelans who were in irregular transit “are being returned”, so “this weekend we had this migratory movement from Chiriquí”, the province bordering (north) with Costa Rica, towards the city from Panama.

In the Panamanian capital, a temporary shelter set up by the Venezuelan diplomatic mission is hosting a growing number of irregular Venezuelan migrants who want to voluntarily return to their country.

The Panamanian Government has activated a humanitarian aid device in the place, a shed that lacks ventilation and where there are many children.

The SenafrontCommander Ortega said, is supporting the transfer of migrants by bus to the country’s main airport, Tocumen, so that they can take the flights that the travelers themselves are paying for.

According to the available information, several hundred migrants have already left on several flights, which are leaving at night.

Many of these irregular Venezuelan migrants are asking for help to complete the money they need to buy the ticket, which has a cost of 280 dollars, some of them told EFE.

Source: Elcomercio

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