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Rains in Venezuela: more than 100 vehicles damaged by floods in areas near Caracas

A total of 102 vehicles and two houses suffered damage due to flooding caused by heavy rains recorded on Monday in a municipality in the Venezuelan state of Miranda, close to Caracasa local authority reported on Tuesday.

The Mayor of Reedbed explained, through Instagram, that the flooding of two streams in that town caused “material losses, floods and various landslides”, after which the municipality was declared in yellow alert.

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Among the different emergencies attended this Monday afternoon “there are 102 vehicles damaged, two houses affected (…) 6 floods and 3 fallen trees”, continues the message from the institution, which cites data from Civil Protection.

For his part, the Governor of MirandaHéctor Rodríguez, reported that the rainfall caused flooding in four houses located in two other municipalities due to the flooding of a river and due to the “saturation of the drainage system.”

The region, in which four municipalities of the Caracas Metropolitan Areaposted yesterday 24 floods in the road, as well as tree falls and landslidesthe governor said on Twitter.

Venezuela has experienced intense rainfall in the last three weeks that have left numerous landslides and floods in almost all regionsin addition to two landslides in the center of the country that caused the death of at least 58 people.

Source: Elcomercio

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