WorldSweden plans vaccine booster in 2022 for general population

Sweden plans vaccine booster in 2022 for general population


The decision is not fully recorded, but the vaccination schedule in Sweden is becoming more precise. The country plans to offer a booster dose of vaccine against Covid-19 to “a large part of the population” in 2022. Vulnerable populations should be concerned by this third dose as of this fall, authorities announced on Tuesday. sanitary facilities.

This deadline could be changed, however, the Public Health Agency said, as several countries have announced their intention to propose an additional dose in the face of the breakthrough of the Delta variant and concerns about the reduction in the effectiveness of vaccines compared to to observed or future mutations.

“Not possible to eradicate the virus”

“Our assessment is that it is not possible to eradicate the virus and that the vaccination work should therefore be long-term and focused on reducing serious disease and mortality,” said the chief epidemiologist. Anders Tegnell in a statement.

As a first step, residents of retirement homes, people over the age of 80 and people with a severely reduced immune system will be given priority for a booster dose, probably in the fall.

“Special” attention for areas with low vaccination coverage

While additional dose decisions in the West raise concern that developing countries will continue to fall behind in their vaccination campaigns, the Swedish health authority also deems “important that we pay special attention to vaccinating residents. in geographic areas with low vaccination coverage ”.

Some countries have already adopted the principle of a vaccine booster. In others, this subject is debated. Israel has been administering a third dose of anticoronavirus vaccines to patients with a weak immune system since mid-July amid rising Covid cases linked to the spread of the Delta variant.



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