WorldIn his opening speech, Emmanuel Macron pins the Lebanese...

In his opening speech, Emmanuel Macron pins the Lebanese leaders


“Lebanese leaders are accountable for the truth, for transparency, towards their people. Emmanuel Macron did not spare the Lebanese authorities this Wednesday, a year to the day after the explosion at the port of Beirut. Ranked among the largest non-nuclear blasts, the disaster caused the death of 200 people, disfigured part of the capital and durably traumatized the Lebanese.

From the Fort of Brégançon (Var), the French President opened with a speech, in video, the international conference in support of the Lebanese population, brought together under his aegis, that of the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, representatives of around forty states and international organizations since midday, in Paris and from afar.

“The Lebanese leaders seem to be betting on rotting”

“France and several other (countries) have cooperated to provide all the information at our disposal, we are available for all technical cooperation” which would still be necessary in this investigation, said Emmanuel Macron. The conclusions of this are “awaited by the entire Lebanese population”, he stressed.

While Lebanon is plunged into the worst economic and political crisis in its history, Emmanuel Macron lamented that “the Lebanese leaders seem to be betting on rotting”, estimated Emmanuel Macron who accuses them of blocking, for months, the training of government and the implementation of reforms. “I think it’s a historical and moral fault,” he continues. “They should not doubt for a single second of our determination,” he added, recalling the “restrictive measures” already taken against them and “the sanctions regime” established by the EU on Friday. “” The crisis in Lebanon is not a stroke of fate, nor a fatality. It is the result of individual and collective bankruptcies and unjustifiable dysfunctions, ”he said.

100 million euros in aid promised by France

France will bring to Lebanon within 12 months 100 million euros of “new commitments, in direct support to the population” and send 500,000 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 from August, announced Emmanuel Macron. This assistance will relate in particular to education, food needs and agriculture, announced the Head of State.



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