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Confined English poultry facing “very high” risk

After humans, it is the turn of poultry to be confined. In England, from November 7, to combat the spread of avian flu, owners will be forced to “keep their birds indoors” and will have to “follow strict biosecurity measures in order to protect them against the disease, whatever their nature. either their species or their size, “said the Ministry of the Environment in a press release.

The decision announced on Monday extends the confinement already in force in several English regions, while the risk of avian flu among wild birds has been established as “very high” by health authorities.

A risk of transmission to humans via consumption deemed “negligible”

“This decision was not taken lightly, but it is the best way to protect your birds from this highly infectious disease,” said UK Chief Veterinarian Christine Middlemiss.

Over the past twelve months, the UK has experienced the largest outbreak of the disease the country has ever seen. Since early October 2022, it has been detected in over 70 facilities and multiple cases have been reported in wild birds.

The risk of transmission to humans through the consumption of contaminated meat or eggs is considered “negligible”.

Source: 20minutes

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