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The story of the young woman who jumped out of a taxi to try to avoid being kidnapped

Lidia Gabriela, 23, was originally from Tamaulipas, Mexicoand died this Tuesday, November 2 after jumping out of a taxi when the driver apparently tried to deprive her of her freedom.

The last registration of the vehicle nissan versa is the monitoring of the video surveillance cameras of the city, in the vicinity of the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico state.

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Although initially the first version of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Mexico City was that Lidia had been run over, subsequent investigations determined that she took a taxi and that the driver did not want to drop her off at the requested location, so she threw herself out of the unit.

The investigation detailed that the victim took an application taxi in the Las Peñas neighborhood, Iztapalapa, and the driver did not want to lower it in the requested place, so he jumped out of the vehicle. The driver was identified as Fernando ‘N’, who was arrested this Saturdayaccording to the testimonies of his sister María Velázquez.

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Arriving at the Constitución metro, the driver started down the high-speed lane, 100 meters ahead of the station, the victim was thrown from the vehicle, hit his head and lost his life.

Journalist Carlos Jiménez pointed out that despite the fact that the taxi driver did not throw or directly attack Lidia, He can be charged with two crimes: omission of assistance and homicide.

Nevertheless, a witness detailed that Fernando did throw the young woman out of the taxi.

This witness recorded a video presented by Ciro Gómez Leyva, in which he narrated that “I was driving in the high lanes of Ermita and I noticed that on the street at the foot of the steps of the Metro Constitución, the taxi leaves very quickly, in the rear window, the girl brings her head from outside, shouting that they will help her, help”.

However, he also testified that lydia gabriela He tried to jump out of the taxi.

“I see that the girl is sticking her body out as if to want to throw herself.”

What happened to Lidia Gabriela?

The relatives of the victim recognized the body of the young woman and she was veiled in Tampico this Friday, where there was a body mass present and then she was fired at the San Gerardo pantheon, located in the north of the city.

Lydia Barrientos, mother of the young woman, as well as other people who accompanied her in her pain, they asked for justice from the authorities of Mexico City: “I demand justice, that is what I ask for,” said the lady.

Source: Elcomercio

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