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Pope Francis says the church does what it can against ecclesiastical pedophilia

The Pope Francisco He assured on Sunday that the Catholic Church “works in the best possible way” against pedophilia within it and lamented that there are still those who “do not see things clearly.”

“For a priest, the abuse [sexual] it is like acting against his own priestly nature and against his social nature. That is why it is something tragic, that we must not stop fighting”, He said dad at a press conference on the plane taking him back to the Vatican from Bahrain.

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“We work in the best possible way, but there are people within the Church who do not see things clearly (…). It is an ongoing process, which we carry forward with courage, but not everyone has that courage”he added.

“There were things that were hidden. Before the Boston scandal, people were changed. implicated, sending them to other archdioceses, the pope added, referring to the revelations that shook the church in the United States in the early 2000s.

“Now, everything is clear and we are moving forward on that issue”he continued.

“The will of the church is to clarify everything”, overcoming “the temptation to compromise”, he pointed.

“The Church has to be ashamed of what it did wrong and thank God for the good things it did,” he said.

Source: Elcomercio

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