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They find the alleged child abuser in TransMilenio in Bogotá dead: he would have taken his own life

The Metropolitan Police Bogota confirmed to EL TIEMPO that the 42-year-old man, known as Juan Pablo González, accused of having abused Hilary Castro at the La Castellana TransMilenio station on October 31, died under mysterious circumstances while he was being held at the URI in Paloquemao.

According to the first report delivered by the authorities, the man’s body reported no signs of violence or some other indicator that could give clues about the manner of death. For now, The Police say that it was a suicide and rule out, preliminarily, that Juan Pablo González was murdered by other inmates of the place.

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At this time, units of the CTI Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor’s Office are traveling to the scene of the events and it is expected that in the next few hours the details of the strange event that occurs hours after a guarantee control judge decided to send to jail the man for the indications of violent carnal access and qualified aggravated robbery.

The facts

A chaos in the city was what caused the Complaint of a 17-year-old girl who was allegedly abused by a man at the TransMilenio de la Castellana station. The story of Hillary Castrowhich circulated on their social networks, quickly went viral and the streets of the city were filled with women of all ages who came out to protest the aberrant and painful case that Castro story. Yesterday the alleged abuser was captured.

“On October 31, I was abused at a bus station. TransMilenium (…) this man came behind me with a knife and threatened me, he said many obscene things to me and I was shocked. He brought me down from the station and took me behind where he forced me to perform oral sex on him”Thus began the heartbreaking story that the woman published.

A few hours have passed since the fact was known when demonstrations had already been called in different parts of Bogotá by various feminist groups and citizens who repudiated the fact, and the authorities deployed a whole search operation to find the aggressor of the minor.

But that was the big question: who was Hilary Castro’s aggressor and why was he free? Yesterday, the Prosecutor’s Office revealed that the man had been identified as John Paul Gonzales42, and that this was not the only time he had been detained by the authorities.

According to information from the researchers, Gonzales would have already been captured on October 24 for carrying out obscene acts on public roads. At that time, the community of the Villanidia neighborhood, in Usaquén, identified him and reported him to the Police who captured him. However, although the man was brought before a guarantee control judge, he was released because “there was not enough evidence to support the complaint,” as a source familiar with the case told this newspaper.

Source: Elcomercio

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