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He went to the wake of his friend who was found dead, he declared to the press sorry and now they are looking for him for femicide

Ariadna Fernanda Lopez Diaz He did not die from serious alcohol intoxication, but from a fatal multiple trauma due to various injuries caused by blows to his body, concluded the autopsy carried out by the Institute of Forensic Sciences of Mexico City (Incifo), for which the Prosecutor’s Office General of Justice (FGJ) has two suspects. vanessawho has already been arrested, and Rautel Astudillo, who is wanted by the investigative agents as responsible for the femicide.

Rautel is Vanessa’s boyfriend, who was a friend of Ariadna. She appeared at the victim’s wake and, according to television interviews, stated that she left the apartment alone. He is now wanted by detectives and a red card and a migration alert were even requested; The authorities have already asked the population for help in locating him.

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According to investigative agents, the search extended to the cities of Puebla and Querétaro, where some of his relatives live, and in other places where some of his closest friends live, but for now the agents of the Investigative Police (PDI ) have not been lucky. They are also investigating whether the suspect had any connection with La Unión Tepito, since he was a frequent customer of a restaurant that is linked to that criminal group.

The investigations indicate that psummarily Rautel could dedicate himself to the retail sale of drugsWell, that’s how his girlfriend revealed it vanessawho in her first statement detailed that she had nothing to do with it and that even He didn’t notice the moment Ariadna diedand that she only helped her boyfriend dispose of the body.

a week after the body of the 27-year-old woman was located in Tepoztlán, Morelosthe CDMX prosecutor, Ernestina Godoy, He assured that they have videos and evidence —such as blood in the room and the bedroom of the apartment where the three were— that lead to “solid and convincing evidence to establish the possible participation of at least two people in the feminicide of Ariadna”.

Ariadna Fernanda López Díaz was born on July 5, 1995.

The first advances in this regard detail that Vanessa and her boyfriend Rauteltoday a fugitive from justice, they were the ones who killed Ariadna Fernanda. According to the investigation, the department of Rautellocated in the Colonia Roma Surin the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, attended Ariadne. And according to the videos, It is observed that a man with characteristics similar to Rautel’s carries an unconscious and immobile woman on his shoulder, and then puts her into a truck. The hypothesis is that they took her in the vehicle to the place where cyclists found her in Tepoztlán, Morelos.

“In these recordings it can be seen that on October 31, in the morning, a man left an apartment, carrying a woman on his shoulder who appears unconscious and motionless. Later, the individual is observed going to the parking lot to get the woman into a truck, this man was identified as Rautelby having the same physical characteristics of the person who showed up at the victim’s wake, which allowed him to be identified as the same person who appears in the image,” Godoy Ramos detailed.

The apartment was also searched, where despite having been previously cleaned, experts from the Coordination of Forensic Investigation and Expert Services found, with luminescence tests, presence of blood on the living room floor and on a cushion, as well as in the bedroom. For these facts, vanessa was arrested early Sunday morning EcatepecState of Mexico, and was transferred to the Santa Martha Acatitla Women’s Center for Social Reintegration, where she was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.

Since last week, The death of Ariadna Fernanda caused outrage among friends, relatives and became a matter of public opinion. The Morelos prosecutor’s office carried out an autopsy where it was revealed that the cause of death was serious alcohol intoxication and a consequent aspirationand in his speech the prosecutor said that “technically” the autopsy did not coincide with a femicide.

At the request of the family, it was a new one by the capital authorities that showed another cause of death: multiple trauma, which was classified as femicide.

In this sense, the capital prosecutor warned her counterpart from Morelos to decline jurisdiction in the investigation of the femicide of Ariadne so that there is a unique investigation based in the capital of the country. In this process, that they deliver all the evidence collected and progress of the investigation.

Source: Elcomercio

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