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Relations between Moscow and Washington will continue to be “bad” after the US elections.

Relations between Moscow and Washington will continue to be bad regardless of the results of the mid-term elections in USAunderlined this Wednesday the Russian presidency in the midst of a historical crisis linked to the offensive in Ukraine.

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“These elections, deep down, cannot change anything. Our elections are bad at the moment and they will continue to be, “ declared the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, quoted by the Russian press agencies.

“These elections are important, but on the other hand I think I am not wrong in saying that their importance for the future of our bilateral relations in the short and medium term should not be overestimated”, he added.

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The Kremlin has been accused in recent years of encouraging meddling operations in US elections, for example through influence campaigns on social networks.

“We are so used to (those accusations) that we no longer pay attention to them,” commented this Wednesday Peskov.

US-Russian relations are going through one of the worst crises in their history since the Kremlin’s offensive in Ukraine, a country that has since received massive support from the administration of Democratic US President Joe Biden through arms shipments and financial aid.

Source: Elcomercio

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