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Duque says goodbye to the Army, one of his greatest allies as president


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the president of Colombia, Ivan Dukeparticipated this Friday in the celebration of the 212th anniversary of the Armywith which he said goodbye to one of his greatest allies during his four years in government, for whom he had words of thanks in a passionate speech.

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Following a combined arms exercise by the Army in the Military Fort of Tolemaidathe largest military training center in Latin AmericaDuke, who was accompanied by some of his ministers, he received a saber and one of the new uniforms in a symbolic act of recognition.

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Duque, who arrived in Tolemaida when the exercise had already finished and made the attendees wait, highlighted the “honor” what it was like to be once again in the “glorious“Fort of Tolemaida in what was his “Last ceremony on Army Day as Supreme Commander.”

I come with the great pride of having fulfilledhaving been by the side of the men and women who wear the uniform of the country”, iindicated to list some of the milestones achieved by his Management in the last four years in reference to the Army.

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Duque, who devoted a large part of his speech to describe the achievements of your governmenthighlighted the improvements in health and in the judicial system of the Armyamong others.

I tried from the first day of my Government to be by the side of those who wear the uniform of the country”, insisted.

For the president this has been “an unparalleled experience” in his life in which he has had “a presence without vanities and close to homeland” with the military forcesas a way to teach by example”he asserted excitedly, in a kind of harangue to the military to ask them not to be intimidated.

Just two days after leaving office, Duque added that after four years, his government has achieved the lowest rate of homicides and kidnappings since there are records, in addition to having captured the largest number of leaders of illegal armed groups.

The outgoing president of Colombia, Iván Duque, bids farewell today to the leadership of the Armed Forces during a ceremony on the occasion of the National Army Day, at the Tolemaida Military Fort (Colombia). (Photo: EFE/Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda)

He was also glad “To be able to proudly say that the Second Narcotalia (referring to the dissidence of the FARC called Second Marquetalia) has ceased to exist”, and that during his Management The felling of trees was reduced by “30%, being the Government with the greatest reduction in the rate of deforestation”, despite the fact that the latest figures published for the year 2021 indicate the opposite.

“We did not have double standards, our direction was clear from the first minute: defeat the enemy wherever he is, confront him and protect Colombia (…) I gave myself with my soul to serve ColombiaI have been willing to lay down my life if necessary to protect this homeland.”he said in his speech in which he made veiled references to the president-elect, Gustav Petro.

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The Army of colombia carried out a sample of competencies and capacities of the institution in a “great event that highlights the ability of men and women who through the times and today work for the country”, indicated its commander, Major General Carlos Ivan Moreno Ojeda.

Unmanned craft, remotely operated minesweeper vehicles, aircraft nubuck with air cargoes, parade of armored vehicles, helicopters BlackHawkparatroopers, simulated attacks, parades of soldiers, among others were part of the exhibition that was displayed today in Tolemaida.

During the tactical and military deployment, the new uniform, which is renewed after 15 years as part of the modernization of the institution and of the Duque excitedly received a copy.


Source: Elcomercio

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