WorldPutin thanks Erdogan for his role in grain export...

Putin thanks Erdogan for his role in grain export deal


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Russian presidents, Vladimir Putinand turkish, Recep Tayyip Erdoganagreed today to fully comply with the Ukrainian and Russian grain export agreement, and also for Ankara to pay in rubles for Russian gas supplies, which Western countries oppose.


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Both parties advocate “full compliance” with the Istanbul agreements so that Russia be able to export its grain and fertilizer “without obstacles”, indicates the joint declaration issued after the negotiations between both leaders and their delegations.

Putin Y Erdoğan they recognize “the important role of constructive relations between the two countries in signing the initiative on the safe supply of grain from Ukrainian ports.”

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At the beginning of their meeting in the resort of Sochi (Black Sea), Putin thanked Erdoğan his role in the signing of said agreement, which he considered “very important” in the context of the world food crisis.

The Razoni cargo ship, the first to set sail from Ukrainian territory, carried 26,500 tons of corn from Odessa to Lebanon on Monday by crossing the Bosporus Strait.

According to the Turkish authorities, three other ships were due to leave on Friday from the Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Chornomosk and Pvidenny.

In turn, the Russian deputy prime minister, Alexandr Novak, revealed that the Russian and Turkish leaders had agreed that Ankara begin paying “partially” for gas in Russian currency.

“We are gradually moving to payment in the national currency. Part of the supplies will be paid for in rubles. This is, effectively, a new stage that opens up new possibilities”, he explained.

He recalled that Russia annually supplies 26 billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey.

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Putin commented today that “European partners should be grateful to Turkey because it guarantees the fluid transit of our gas to the European market”.

“The Turkish Stream, unlike all other routes of our hydrocarbon supplies, works correctly, dynamically, without failures (…), it has become one of the main arteries for the supply of Russian gas to Europe”he highlighted.

In their joint statement, Moscow and Ankara defended the territorial integrity of Syria, while being ready to coordinate their efforts in the fight against terrorist organizations.

According to the Kremlin, the leaders intended to discuss the situation in Syria today, for which Hakan Fidan, the head of the Turkish intelligence service, also traveled to Sochi.

Erdoğan he wants to get Putin’s approval for a new Turkish military operation in northern Syria against the Kurdish militias, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which he has been announcing for weeks.


Source: Elcomercio

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