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Woman finds two giant pythons mating in her kitchen |  VIDEO

Woman finds two giant pythons mating in her kitchen | VIDEO

Woman finds two giant pythons mating in her kitchen |  VIDEO

In the kitchen of her own home, a woman found two pythons behind her microwave oven while they were mating. Everything indicates that the affected person became aware of the situation when she tried to find an explanation for the strange movements of her kitchen appliance.

The events occurred in Australia, after the woman was frightened by the constant and unusual movement of the appliance and decided to inspect the place to find out what was happening. What she did not expect was to see two gigantic snakes several meters behind the team.

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Experts on the subject came to the place, who indicated that the animals are from the python family Morelia spilotawhich inhabit areas of Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia, the professionals said.

“We arrived at a house in Buderim, where two decent-sized pythons had entered a lady’s kitchen through an open window and decided to huddle behind the microwave,” he said. stuart mckenzieone of the experts who was present on the site.

Likewise, McKenzie assured that this species is not classified as high risk or danger to people. However, their preservation is important, so McKenzie removed the pythons from the woman’s home and later placed them in a jungle area where they could be in her habitat.

“We were able to get there very quickly and relocate the two lovebirds to the bush where they belong,” the group of experts published through a post on their social networks.

Fortunately, the woman was unharmed and called the relevant authorities to be able to do the respective handling of the two animals.

After having solved the entry of the pythons, the experts made a call to the community to avoid their sacrifice. Therefore, it is always appropriate to first call the relevant authorities to take care of the situation.

Source: Elcomercio

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