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He wins more than a million euros in the lottery thanks to his mother’s advice


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At 53, Robert Cameron, a man from Glasgow, Scotland, has more than a million euros. That huge amount of money she won in a lottery for advice she remembered from her late mother. In the social networks There is a lot of talk about what happened. This is his story.


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In dialogue with The Mirrorthe man said that, on July 29 of this year, he was encouraged to participate, after more or less a year, in The National Lotterywhen he went to an Asda store (a British hypermarket chain) in Maryhill.

“I always thought it would never happen to me, but when I walked past the counter I thought of the recent UK EuroMillions jackpot winner. I never normally carry cash, but luckily I had £4 in my pocket so I thought I’d try my luck.”he indicated.

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The next day, the man checked his ticket and found that he had won £3.70. “I laughed a little thinking that would be it, but as my mother always used to say: ‘A victory leads to another victory'”he remembered.

“She always told us that if you win something, you take it and put it into something else. So I decided to take her advice and use my winnings to buy two lucky hits for that night’s lottery draw.”added the man in this story.

However, after a busy day, he returned home to find that he had not purchased those tickets. “I had just settled in for the night when I remembered that I hadn’t gone to the store to buy the tickets”said.

“Then I got a call from my youngest son asking if I could come pick him up. I decided that since he was heading back to me anyway, he might as well get into Asda and get lucky. And I’m so glad I did.”assured.

Robert Cameron’s winning numbers for the July 30 lottery drawing were 7, 16, 17, 19 and 33, and the bonus ball was 12. The funny thing is that it took him a little while to discover that he already He owned a large sum of money.

“I just went about my usual routine: fed the fish, had a cup of tea, and then thought I better see those tickets.”counted. “I always check the app and of course the same congratulations message appeared as the day before with my £3.70 win. I was hoping to see something similar and when I first looked I thought it said £1,000. I was still half asleep, so I looked back and thought, ‘No, it’s £100,000.’ He took me a third time to realize that he was a millionaire. I even googled the winning numbers to double check”he stressed.

The man eventually got up the courage to call the lottery line to verify that he had indeed won a large sum of money. “The lady I spoke to was lovely but I had to wait a minute or so while she went through everything. It was the longest minute. To hear her say those words, that she had actually won £1,000,000 [más de un millón de euros]It was so surreal”he stated.

Cameron indicated that he has a great relationship with his four children. She always jokes with them. Therefore, when she told what had happened to the youngest of all, he did not believe her.

“It took me half an hour to convince him it was real. I couldn’t believe it myself. I think I’m still in shock.”he confessed.

“So I was worried about keeping the ticket safe and making sure I didn’t lose it, so I put it inside a frame behind the photo. I didn’t even want to leave the house with the ticket still there.”he added.

The man, with the money he earned, plans to buy a new house, a car and have a family vacation. He is very grateful that he followed the advice of his late mother. He had no problem saying that her luck was thanks to her.

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